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Purple Deer [1]

Purple Deer (Latin: Cervus Purpureus) – is a unique species in the realm of UX/UI and online product creation, renowned for blending passion with work. This rare breed is easily identifiable by the distinctive sparkle under their antlers, a phenomenon observed when they engage in discussions about business.

Cartoon portrait of a purple deer with glasses and green antlers. The deer looks at the camera and pricks up its ears. In the background is a sketch of a dense forest.
Deer/dɪə(r)/kind: purple
Domain:UX/UI, StrategyKingdom:App & Website DesignArea:Gliwice, PolandSize:Small herd

The first occurrence of a Purple Deer species was chronicled in the year 2021. Since then, a small herd led by two alpha females Sylwia & Marta, has been navigating the realms of UX/UI and online product design.

Purple Deers specialize in crafting visually stunning and user-friendly:
  • websites
  • web applications
  • mobile apps

Their expertise extends to conducting thorough UX audits, facilitating creative workshops, and building prototypes that bring ideas to life. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of user experience, they transform digital landscapes into engaging, intuitive, and effective interfaces.

Two women plan a workshop in the forest, pinning sticky notes to a large tree in the middle. They have their backs to the camera, focused on the task at hand. They have antlers on their heads.Two female deer intently planning digital product strategies.

Specializations [2]


Creative Workshops
Website Design
UX Audit
Web Application Design
Mobile Application Design

In the digital wilderness, the Purple Deer are known for their diverse and refined skills, each as unique as the trails they tread.

In each of these areas, the Purple Deers blend their artistic flair with technical prowess, ensuring that every project is not just a tool, but an experience that resonates with users and aligns seamlessly with business goals.

Special Abilities

Inquisitive Probing:

Purple Deer have an innate ability to ask questions that unearth deep insights, often leading to transformative business strategies.

Focused Engagement:

Purple Deer are known for their unwavering focus, dedicating themselves fully to a limited number of clients to ensure quality and depth in their work.

Tech-Savvy, Not Tech-Bound:

The Deer are well-versed in development yet choose a different path. Their focus on digital strategy and design provides your business with versatile solutions, not strictly tied to development.

Adaptive Learning:

Their rapid adaptation to various industries is akin to a chameleon's ability to blend into different environments.

Collaborative Teamwork:

They excel in creating synergies where clients become an integral part of their 'herd'.

Habitat and Behavior [3]

Natural environment


In the digital wilderness, the Purple Deer are often found wandering through Figma and Adobe, crafting their creative visions. For human interactions, they venture into the realms of Google Meet and Slack, engaging in collaborative dialogues. They also inhabit the structured landscapes of Notion diligently mapping out their strategic designs.

Google logo imageMeet logo imageSlack logo imageNotion logo imageFigma logo imageAfter Effects logo imagePhotoshop logo image
Home (Office)

In their natural habitat, the Deer can occasionally be found in their office, immersed in the art of sketching new concepts on vast sheets of paper. Yet, this is a rarer sight, as they often prefer the tranquility and inspiration found in their home environment.


A group of people sitting at a table during a discovery workshop in a bright modern office. There are matrices with drawings and sticky notes hanging on the wall. Snacks and workshop materials on the table
Two young women are leaning intently over a table, planning strategic workshops. They use Witflow cards and colorful sticky notes to plan the workshops.
Two women dressed in summer clothes are sitting on a gray sofa with yellow pillows. They look straight into the camera with big smiles and positive attitudes.
In the online wilderness, you might also spot it sharing tales of its adventures.

Genesis of Purple Deer [4]

The story of Purple Deer begins with Marta and Sylwia...

Two visionaries who dreamt of a new harmony in the world of business and design.

A smiling woman sitting in the forest looks straight at the camera. She is dressed in a green sweatshirt, holds a cup of coffee in her hands, and has antlers on her head.
Deer SylwiaThe alfa founder, holding a cup of proven strategy and business tips.
A young woman sits on a stump in the forest and draws on a tablet. She is dressed in a cream sweater and jeans, has antlers on her head, and headphones in her ears.
Deer MartaThe alfa founder, drawing the understandable and useful interface.

Their journey started in the trenches of product development, working closely with teams to shape offerings for businesses at various stages of growth. It was here, in the thick of creation and innovation, that the concept of Purple Deer was born.

What struck them most was the ease with which the focus on business viability could be lost. This was especially true in environments heavily influenced by technology or design. They often saw clients being treated as mere wallets, not as partners in growth. Additionally, there was a tendency to prioritize new technical or aesthetic features. This often overshadowed the more crucial aspects: understanding user needs and ensuring business profitability.

Marta and Sylwia envisioned a world where business and design didn't just run parallel but intertwined, creating a richer, more user-centric landscape.

Purple Deer's North Star [5]

Crafting digital products that not only meet business objectives but are also a joy for users and customers.

Meld the worlds of business and design into a cohesive unit. Create not just products, but experiences.