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Case Study, UX/UI

Big Vision vs Lean Budget: Crafting the MVP of Property Platform

21.03.20244 minutes read

Discover how strategic design and swift development enabled Commit to turn a property hunt nightmare into a game-changing MVP in a little over 2 months.

Real Estate
Priority Workshops, Wireframing, UX/UI Design & Development

Project Story

Nathaniel (founder of Commit) came to us with a huge database of location intelligence and one goal - turn it into an MVP, that will help to find the right commercial property in no time.

Commit wasn't just a bright idea; it was born from Nathaniel's own frustrating experience with the property hunt. He realised that without solid data, finding the right spot was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Is the area safe? What is the crime rate and price trend? Won't I pay twice as much next year?

The lack of statistical data about the location is a serious obstacle. Without it, SMEs, landlords, and investors find themselves navigating in the dark, risking time, capital, and effort on potentially unsound decisions.

That's when Nathaniel spotted a critical gap in the market and decided to shake things up. He envisioned a platform that would be a one-stop-shop for all property-related info, saving time and money for people searching for commercial properties.

MVP Objectives:

  • Validate which metrics are most important for people during the decision-making process.

  • Understand existing users and provide the best user experience on already existing platforms.

  • Deliver value through the platform and save people’s time by expediting the property search process.

  • Make it easy for a user to find Commit and perceive its value.

The Challenge: Tight Budget vs. Big Vision

Developing Commit required a finely tuned strategy and a flexible approach from the outset. For the first release, the final product vision with all its functionalities was simply too large. With a clearly defined budget, we had to determine key functionalities to form a suitable scope for the project.

Goal: To craft an MVP within an established budget, upholding its fundamental features and delivering undeniable value to the user.

Figuring out the scope was like packing a tiny backpack for a long trip. Limited space, but we still needed to take all the essentials! The focus on the main feature and the right prioritization was the key to our success.

What helped us achieve the goal?

  • Priority Workshops: Engaging sessions with the client and key stakeholders allowed us to extract the system's unique value, sidelining non-essential functionalities for the initial release. Leveraging the MOSCoW method, we defined must-have and should-have features, keeping the MVP sharply focused on its primary value proposition.

    Involving the business, design, and development teams right from the beginning ensured smooth progress since everyone was familiar with the project and its goals. We could propose more tailored solutions and avoid long communication chains.

A screenshot of a Miro board displaying two main sections: 'Defining Features & User Flow' and 'Defining Priorities'. On the left, there are flowcharts and notes detailing user registration, home page features, and the listing process. The right side showcases a 'MOSCOW' prioritization chart, categorizing features into 'Must Have', 'Should Have', 'Could Have', and 'Won't Have Now' columns, each populated with various task cards.
  • Tight Design and Development Cooperation: Since the front end was a huge part of the work, we had to minimize risks and look for simplicity. That's when tight collaboration between the design and development teams became paramount.

    Our dev team took an active part in the design process, eliminating overly complex and non-viable solutions right from the start. And our designers remained ready to tweak and adjust features throughout all development. Instead of operating as distinct entities, both teams worked in tandem, continually refining solutions and accelerating work.

  • Efficiency Through Reusability: Imagine building Commit was like playing with Lego. We crafted a limited set of reusable components to expedite the development and design process. Whenever we added a new feature, we reached for ready-made blocks instead of reinventing the wheel! As a result, we not only saved time but also maintained maximum consistency throughout the system.

Design mockup showing various UI components for a web application. On the left, there are text areas for file uploads and drop-down search fields. The centre shows text input fields, including one with an email validation error. The bottom right features different button designs and toggle switches.
  • Simplicity as a Guiding Principle: Simplify! This was our project's motto - to abandon overcomplicated solutions and simplify without compromising on value or usability.

The Result: A Property Listing Platform

Result? A property listing platform built from scratch in just a little over 2 months, featuring unique location intelligence capabilities.

Without exceeding the tight budget by a single penny!

"The project was performed within the allocated time and budget to an extremely high quality. The team understood the project, conducted market research, and went well beyond what was required of them."

~ Nathaniel

What we've created along the way:

  • Proto-Personas: Through a combination of desk research and insights from the client's market analysis, we identified and profiled two potential user personas: business owners in search of commercial properties and property agents aiming to list their offerings.

  • Wireframes: We created a basic blueprint of the system to illustrate its structure and grasp a clearer picture of the whole product. Before we committed to any code or finalized the graphic design, this foundational work helped us refine details, solicit feedback, and explore different solutions quickly.

Collage of wireframe screens for a property listing website. The layout includes a marketing headline, login and registration forms, property search with filters, listings for sale, agent contact information, property details, and account management sections. The design is monochrome, focusing on structure and layout without colour, indicating the wireframes are for planning the user interface of the website.
  • Agent's System: Tailored to property owners, this part of the system facilitates seamless listing management, from account creation to offer management.

Screen capture of a property listing page with user input fields. It includes sections titled 'Location' and 'Listing Details'. Light modern design with blue buttons.
  • Customer's System: This part of the platform enables users to effortlessly browse commercial property listings, leveraging advanced filters and statistics.

A webpage interface from Commit showing commercial properties for sale. Light modern design with cool colours and a blue accent. Search results show various cards of properties with photos of the location and detailed info. Filters on the left allow for adjustments for parameters like crime rate, population density or student population.
Webpage displaying a property listing with a modern light design on a white background. The listing features a large image of a modern building, smaller interior photos, and icons indicating the square footage, energy performance, and condition. Below, 'Area Statistics' provides data on crime rate, property price trend, and area prosperity presented in a visually appealing form with charts.
  • Admin panel: A simple administrative interface affords platform administrators control over listings and the approval process.

Screenshot of Commit's commercial property admin view. A simple, modern layout based on the main search page with additional functions to accept or decline properties.
  • Landing Page: Alongside the main platform, we also launched a sleek, fully responsive landing page. It serves as a first touchpoint, enabling users to kickstart their property selling or searching journey effortlessly.

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Marta Jachtoma co-founder