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Case Study, UX/UI

Turning offline consultancy into digital platform - 5stories case study

12.03.20245 minutes read

Wonder how to turn your service digital? Explore our journey of transforming 5 Stories' methodology from a traditional consultancy to a self-serve platform.

Make Us Care
Marketing, Consulting
Discovery & Strategy Workshop, Wireframing,

Project Story

How it all started?

Let's rewind to the early days of 2020. Purple Deer was just beginning to take shape, and one of the first clients to join our herd was Callum from Make Us Care. It quickly became apparent that both we and the founders of Make Us Care shared similar business priorities - a commitment to quality, but always with a focus on people and empathy.

With even greater energy, we dug our hooves into the challenge they brought to us: transforming an offline methodology and service into a self-served online tool. Without losing value behind the service and great customer experiences.

I appreciated how genuinely they cared about our products — their excitement and eagerness really flowed into the process and the product, so that gave us enough assurance that we were with the right development team.

~Callum Murphy

The 5Stories methodology, created by Amanda and Callum from Make Us Care, had proven itself in offline workshops, helping businesses effectively share their unique stories so that more people could see, hear, and understand who they are and why they belong.

When the creators saw how well their workshops worked in person, they were excited to bring this experience online. They wanted to reach more people and grow their business with a new digital service. That's where we stepped in, bringing our expertise to ensure the online version was a hit, especially in making it user-friendly and engaging.


Callum and Amanda knew their stuff when it came to design and workshops, but they were on the lookout for a fresh perspective. They needed someone to help translate their in-person experience into the digital realm without losing its essence.

Our mission? To design the intuitive wireframes – the skeleton of how the tool would function and flow. After we laid down the groundwork, they would then breathe life into it with their brand's colours and design aesthetics.

But our collaboration went beyond just crafting wireframes and advising on the user experience. We found ourselves helping Callum, Amanda, and their entire team to revisit and refine their idea, transforming it into a concrete action plan. This process wasn't just about ensuring the tool was easy on the eyes; it was about capturing the spirit of their face-to-face workshops and making it resonate through the screen.

The challenge we faced was not just about transferring content from offline to online; it was about reimagining the engagement and interaction that made the in-person workshops so impactful. We needed to ensure that the digital version of the 5 Stories would continue to empower businesses to communicate their narratives with the same clarity and impact, maintaining the essence of what made the methodology so effective in its original format.

Creative workshops

We embarked on a two-day intensive workshop journey, joined by clients who were no strangers to leading workshops themselves! This brought a unique dynamic to the table. On one hand, their involvement and positive attitude from the get-go, not to mention their familiarity with some of the exercises, were a huge plus. On the other hand, it certainly added a layer of stress for us, pushing us to raise our standards even higher.

The workshop brought together a diverse array of personalities, turning our ice-breaking sessions into crucial arrows in our quiver. Activities like "2 truths and one lie," alongside the task of using GIFs or humorous images to capture how clients should feel when using the tool, were not just icebreakers but gateways to a deeper connection and understanding. These moments of laughter and creativity set the stage for the collaborative work ahead.

Miro board from two-day workshop sessions. Icebreaker exercise, project background story, personas, business model canvas

With their team’s aid, we conducted workshops to come up with strategies that could help us unveil the different features that we were looking to achieve for our platforms — this step really helped us get a good grasp of the kind of UX we wanted to provide for our customers. 

~Callum Murphy

One of the trails we had to navigate was gaining a profound understanding of their offline methodology and client interaction. Our quest was to transpose this rich, offline experience into the digital realm, crafting an online tool that echoed the personal touch of face-to-face interactions while acknowledging the impossibility of a perfect 1:1 translation.

The goal remained to create an online tool, not to substitute for a live human interaction. Importantly from a business perspective, this tool needed to be more affordable.

Purple Deer Software Studio definitely guided us throughout the process, making sure that we didn’t move on from one step to another without clarifying our goals and expectations for the next step.

~Callum Murphy

Boards on Miro with personas brainstorming and defining the characteristics, main pain points, and struggles.

The client had a solid grasp of their target audience, which was detailed in four precisely described personas. This knowledge acted as our compass, guiding the development of our strategy and the creation of wireframes that would form the bedrock of our project.

User Persona quote describing the product story. I'm a freelance marketing manager. I've got a problem with content ideas and speaking in a creative way. I would be happy to use 5stories when searching for new ideas in my work for clients cause I think it would be more structured and supportive than alternatives as Hemingway app

Working closely with the founders of 5 Stories, we wove together a tapestry of business goals, core values, target audience insights, and envisioned user experiences. Through a blend of creative exercises, strategic questioning, and analytical thinking, we crafted a strategy that was both visionary and grounded. The wireframes we created weren't just basic plans; they were like a story that linked all our ideas together, leading us to a design that really focused on what users need and want.

The greatest achievement in this engagement was their commitment to delivering what they promised within the proposed budget. 

~Callum Murphy

This journey underscored the power of combining forces. By merging our knack for smooth, intuitive online experiences with Callum and Amanda's expertise in their workshop content, we created something truly special. It proved that working with an external team could elevate a project, ensuring it not only looks good but feels right to the end-users.

High-fidelity black-and-white wireframes of a platform for marketing specialists
Login page to 5 stories platform. Illustration of huge colorful numbers and a login form with an orange button

In the enchanting realm of Purple Deer, every project unfolds as a tale of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of bringing visions to life. Inspired by this journey and eager to embark on your own path of transformation?

We invite you to reach out via email or schedule a meeting with us. Let's explore how we can bring your vision into reality together.

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