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Case Study, UX/UI, Business

Medical Laboratories: Website for innovative London based laboratory

10.05.20242 minutes read

A digital look that reflects the company's values? Hear the story of creating a timeless yet modern landing page for a newly established venture.

Alex Landowski
Digital Strategy, Branding, Website UX/UI Design & Development

Project Background

Alex Landowski, having previous cooperation with us, came back at the end of 2022. He envisioned the establishment of a new medical laboratory under the new company - Medical Laboratories. The objective was to create a distinct brand identity for the new venture along with the landing page presenting the new service.

The Journey

Our partnership kicked off with a thorough look into the business idea and some hands-on workshops. We really got into what the Medical Laboratories dream was all about, figuring out its personality, values, and big goals. By looking closely at the market, we pinpointed what could make Medical Laboratories stand out.

A Miro board with two exercises. The first with defining the goal and unique point of Medical Laboratories, and the second with Customer Joruney for at-home testing service.

Those workshops were key for making sure the project we'd propose would match what Alex had in mind. Together, we built a strategy focused on being clear, professional, and dedicated to quality.

Before we even started on the website, we knew we had to get a solid grip on how the company should come across to people. So, we rolled up our sleeves and worked on a full branding for Medical Laboratories. This step was super important because we were introducing a new brand that still had to fit nicely with the existing company, Medical Logistics. We designed everything from the logo to a complete brand book, making sure everything was set up right for both the team inside and any outside partners like marketing agencies.

As always, we made this happen through engaging workshops that brought together the founder and his team, salespeople included. If you're curious about the nitty-gritty, check out our detailed case study.

Custom-made icon set designed for medical laboratory. Dark, linear icons with no fill. A mint, unique shape under each icon.

Continuing our journey, we designed a fully responsive website for Medical Laboratories. Through our tried-and-tested process, we made sure to deliver each piece to Alex bit by bit. We took great care to check both internally and with external testers, as well as with the client and his team, to ensure everything was just right.

Final Result

This step-by-step approach allowed us to fine-tune the website, making adjustments as needed to align with the brand's vision and goals perfectly. Our collaborative efforts ensured that the final product was not only visually appealing but also highly functional, providing an optimal user experience across all devices. This meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality reflects our dedication to bringing our clients' visions to life in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The Medical Laboratory website presented on three mobile screens. A bright, transparent design, with glass elements and icons, and a DNA motif placed in backgrounds and images. Everything is adapted to mobile responsiveness.
"Medical Laboratories In Numbers" section on the landing page. 3D DNA model in the background. Three numbers in the middle: +90 tests available, +5000 on-time home visits, 3 walk-in clinics
Design of the "Why choose us" website. In the middle there is a glass heart with ECG lines showing the heartbeat. There are 4 descriptions of the company's distinguishing features: Customer feedback driven, UKAS accredited, Reliability, Innovation.

Are you interested in embarking on a Purple Deer journey and crafting a similar site for your business/service? Our hooves are ready to hit the deck. Reach out via email or schedule a meeting with us.

Marta Jachtoma co-founder
Sylwia Skrzypczyk-Dachowska co-founder